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"Lifetime Studio Blog"

Happy Holidays!

Production for “Lifetime” went from slow to a complete stop this week. I probably won’t have anything worth mentioning until after the holidays (let’s hope). I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Drums today. Very excited. Working with the wonderful Matt Siemieniuk!

Electric guitars, headaches, and bass

Derrek Siemieniuk of Adalie really understood what I was looking for when it comes to bass. I was very impressed and I’m very happy with the way the songs are coming together. Hopefully a long recording day Wednesday will take care of all bass and guitar. With that out of the way I am left with drums, vocals, and some keys. Finally, it will be on to mixing/mastering. Not quite there yet, but it’s sounding good. 


Bad habits I once thought were weak

Become diamonds that never break

You can call me faithless

Run-down and second-rate

But our love is brilliant


Make me stay

Say something sweet

With white lies and fingers crossed

Tell me I’m everything

Tell me I’m yours

Work your gravity, your charm

Because I’m drifting off

On a path of another love

Instead of your arms

It’s easy to find someone to take away what hurts

Someone to tell me to forget you, as they’re tugging on my shirt

I want to be there 

But for now I’ll walk alone

Waiting for you to throw a rope

That drags me home


Someone recently asked me what kind of music “Lifetime” sounds like.

I can’t really say or reveal how it will sound, but I will say that I am heavily influenced by Heart, Bright Eyes, Kevin Devine, Dustin Kensrue and Amy Winehouse.

Weird mix, but I think they are all incredible musicians and they make great music. 


Death unites you with a noiseless foot of time

So carry on, heroic vanguard

To golden gates that glow and shine

On arrival, you’re terror-stricken

Before you slip the collar

You’re lead astray

You grand finale

Call it a day

No mercy rule

From stygian shores

That tug and pull

Stroke of a wave and my soul skips

Unabated, bound and determined

To have memory lifted from my fingertips

As I fight my way

Through twilight and shadows

"Still in Good Spirits"

Sometimes people stick it to me

Maybe I’ve taken cheap shots 

Grenades of ill-fate thrown at me

Always get kicked to the side

And I keep moving

We’ll find our way through this smoking room

You lit the fire, but I’ll carry you out too.